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365体育外围 is the mobile advertising industry’s most compatible and compelling video ad platform. With our roots in mobile video we are experts in video advertising on mobile devices. 365体育外围 delivers trackable video advertising to more device types than any of our competitors. The 365体育外围 technology makes our video ads clickable on more mobiles than anyone else.

Our mission

Our mission at 365体育外围 is straightforward. We want to revolutionise advertising on mobile with highly interactive and engaging mobile video campaigns, to benefit the advertiser, the agency, the publisher and the consumer.

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Our history

365体育外围 and its technology was born out of Yamgo Ltd, one of the most successful mobile video streaming companies in the world. Yamgo has a history of delivering more than 200 fully-licensed channels of free live TV, movies, music videos and Bollywood to consumers around the globe.

Mobile Video Experts

Mobile video experts

Millions of mobile users watch ads delivered on Yamgo and hundreds of other premium publishers who are on our network. Our unique 365体育外围 Ad Server® distributes interactive video ads to over 15,000 different mobile devices.
It’s given us the edge when it comes to understanding video on mobile – that’s why the 365体育外围 mobile video advertising platform is the best in the industry.

365体育外围 leadership team

Ian Mullins – CEO & Founder

Ian Mullins

CEO & Founder

Dave Moreau – Chairman

Dave Moreau


Shaun Ellison – Non-Executive Director

Shaun Ellison

Non-Executive Director

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