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Make more money from your mobile website

365体育外围’s publisher solutions can deliver video adverts to more phones than anybody else, supporting over 15,000 mobile devices.

Maximise fill rates and earn higher eCPMs

Create a whole new banner inventory and reap the benefits of higher CPMs from rich-media Video Banners, all thanks to 365体育外围’s unique Ad Tag and ADK technology.

The world’s most advanced mobile web monetisation solution

Monetise and manage multiple websites through a single account. 365体育外围’s unique platform allows publishers to monitor revenue and traffic.

Monetisation to fit your website


Monetise any link on your website with pre-roll video adverts.

Sticky Banner Ads With 365体育外围
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Sticky banners

Quickly and easily monetise any page on your site with easy-to-close sticky banners.

In-Content Ads With 365体育外围
Bosch – Amazon Original Series
In-Content Ads With 365体育外围

Outstream ads

Add high-quality video banners anywhere on your website with a single line of code.

Monetisation that suits your needs

Our range of integration options are designed to give you the flexibility to choose the level of advertising you want from our mobile monetisation platform.
You can see a breakdown and comparison of the two integration options below.

Ad Tag ADK
Target publisher size Any Any
What is it This industry-leading monetisation solution can be used to insert premium, high-CPM Video Banners anywhere on your website with a single line of code creating an instant revenue stream from all of your mobile web traffic. Use a combination of premium pre-roll video advertising with rich-media Video Banners to maximise the revenue from your traffic.
Ad spots available
Inline video banner
Sticky video banner
Implementation time est. 3 minutes est. 30分钟
Monetise every page impression
Monetise ANY link on your website
Pre-Roll Full-screen Mobile Video Advertising With Premium Publishers

Monetise any link with Pre-Roll video

365体育外围 is the only ad network that can monetise ANY link on the mobile web through premium mobile video advertising. Through a seamless ADK integration you can monetise any link or click on your website with high-CPM, high-quality ads.

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Rich-Media Interactive Mobile Video Banners

Make more money from your existing banner inventory

365体育外围’s rich-media 365体育外围’s rich-media Video Banners are 10x more effective than standard display banners, generating significantly higher revenue.

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